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How it works

What is seed cycling?

Seed cycling is a daily nutritional and naturopathic practice to regulate sex hormones and reduce uncomfortable symptoms of the cycle. It is the activity of taking certain seeds in certain phases of the cycle that support healthy hormone fluctuation and balance.

Hormones and the cycle

During a menstrual cycle, hormones (chemical messengers in the body that tell other parts of the body to do stuff) fluctuate. Healthy fluctuations mean we experience more comfortable cycles. Imbalanced hormone fluctuations can look like period pain, tender breasts, PMS, irregular periods or acne for example. See more about Our Cycles.

(graph below of a standard menstrual cycle without hormonal contraception)


How do hormones go out of balance?

Stress (emotional, nutritional, physical)

Our lifestyles impact our hormones. Hormones are triggered by stimulation to the body. This includes what we consume, our mental and emotional reactions, our physical activity and how much rest we have. Prolonged stimulation puts hormones in overdrive and can cause an imbalance. 

(Example of some modern day stresses below)

Seeds and hormones

The seeds in our FOL and LUT blends have active components to support the production and elimination of key hormones in each phase - Follicular and Luteal. Seed cycling is a type of menstrual biohacking which utilises nutrients to help balance the cycle. 


Dr. Emily Talks With @Foodbymaria on Seed Cycling.

How to use Seed Cycle Blend 

Check out How To Use page for more info.

Discover more

We encourage you to explore not just seed cycling but the wider world of cycle syncing. Pioneered by Alisa Vitti, the author of 'Women Code' and 'In the Flo'. These potent books harness the intelligence of the menstrual cycle to optimise life. She liberates women from the male 24-hour cycle and into our natural 28-day cycle. If you have read this far - I'm confident these books will change your life.

Books to come off hormonal contraception and utilise seed cycling and cycle syncing? Dr. Jolene Brighten's 'Beyond the Pill' and Dr. Lara Briden's 'Period Repair Manual' are rich with everything you need to know.

Seed Cycle Blend could be the key that unlocks this journey for you. Start today.


Is seed cycling right for you?

Note: As Dr. Jolene Brighten - Functional Medicine and Naturopathic Physician explains so well in her article on seed cycling "you cannot do just one thing and expect everything to be amaze". Seed cycling is one part of leveraging your hormones. You have to be willing to look at other aspects of your lifestyle like exercise, food, relationships and rest to optimise seed cycling.

You can request our seed cycling science and debunked seed cycling myths by emailing

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. Seed Cycle Blend is not a substitute for medication or other health treatments. For maximum health benefits, it should be consumed in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet and exercise.

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